Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year Awards 2019
Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year Awards 2019

Campaign is delighted to announce the 2019 call for entries from Asia-Pacific for the region’s most prestigious Agency of the Year awards.

The Agency of the Year awards have celebrated the achievements of the region’s advertising industry, recognising strong leadership, creativity and innovation, stellar new business performance, the development of talent in the region, and contribution to the industry. The aim of these awards is to reward the industry top performers in Asia-Pacific.

In our commitment to transparency, PricewaterhouseCoopers will tabulate the results of the awards.

1. Entry Written Submission
  • Entry Template: Please ensure you use the CORRECT entry template for category submitted.
  • Written submission: Your entry must be submitted with the specified category entry template in no more than 10 single-sided pages of A4 paper.
  • Confidentiality: Please mark out visibly confidentiality sections in the written submission document (highlight sections in yellow) and also remember to tick the confidentiality request checkbox. Submissions without markings would be taken as non-confidential despite the tick in the checkbox for confidentiality.
2. Supporting Material Formats
  • Supporting materials are NOT compulsory and are optional.
  • All supporting files uploaded must be in the correct file type and size as stated in the entry kit.
  • All submitted supporting files must be ensured to load and play well on all platforms including proper sound. (Mac, PCs, tablets, ipads, etc).
  • All materials that are not in English language, a translation or transcript will be required. Judges reserve the right to disqualify or mark down on any entries that do not include any translation or transcript.
  • For Case Film/Video Submission, please ensure link is accessible, it can be unlisted or if password protected, please ensure password is provided and valide until 31 December 2019. 
  • For video platforms, we suggest it to be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo and Youku.
3. Compulsory high-res images
  • We DO NOT ACCEPT company logos or pictures of office spaces and buildings without people in it. Please upload group/individual photos as per stated in the entry kit for the specific category. These photos will be used for publication and at the award gala if the entry is awarded.
4. Compulsory Executive Summary
  • Please submit an executive summary about your entry that will be published to showcase your entry if awarded. Summary must be at least 100 words to a maximum of 150 words. Please ensure no confidential information is included.
5. Compulsory Management Endorsement
  • To acknowledge that all the information submitted and provided in your entry submission are true and accurate, the bottom of the last page from your written submission must be signed off by BOTH your agency’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer. Digital signature is allowed for the written submission only.
  • An Authorisation Letter to support the endorsement of your written submission must be physically signed by your agency’s Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer as per the template provided by the organizer. Signatures must be physically signed on the given template, signing on separate paper and scanned back to the authorization template is not allowed.
  • Judges reserves the right to raise queries regarding the information provided and penalize any entry if there is evidence of false claims.
6. Completion of Entry Submission
  • All entries will not be accepted until payment is completed.
  • After your entry submission, please ensure all payment is completed before the final entry deadline. Once you have completed the online payment process, you will receive a "Payment Received" email as confirmation which will be sent to the primary entrant email.
  • If you encounter any issue paying online, please contact us immediately at to avoid duplicate transactions with multiple tries.
7. Asia Pacific Agency Network Categories
  • For Creative Network, Digital Network and Media Network categories, no entry submission paper will be required to submit.
  • The organiser will contact the winner of the Creative, Media and Digital Network to provide a winner summary (100-150 words). This summary will be used and published to showcase the entry and information must be relevant to the submission. A win in each of the local markets for Creative, Digital and Media country awards will contribute points towards the respective overall Network of the Year category type.
  • A shortlist is drawn from the points accumulated, and up to 5 top scoring Agency Networks in each category will form each shortlist.
  • The shortlist will be released, and the winners will be announced on the evening of the awards presentation gala event in Singapore.

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